Clark International Airport What to Expect

4 Things To Expect in Clark Airport

Getting hyped for your travel? Well, whether you’re going international or local – if you’re passing through Clark International Airport, we’ve listed down some things you should expect once you’ve arrived there. Check them out below:

  1. Passport and Required Documents. If you’re traveling outside the country, make sure to bring your passport as, without it, you won’t even make it into the boarding gate. Also, if you’re traveling to a country requiring a visa, make sure that the visa in your passport is clear and has accurate information. Some immigration officers also require some necessary documents to be presented during immigration processing. Here are some suggested documents to bring when traveling abroad:Required Travel Documents
    a. Endorsement or Letter of Guarantee. If your travel is sponsored by your employer or an organization, then most likely you will be asked to show a letter indicating that your trip is sponsored and required by the company in order to achieve a business goal. The letter should indicate your name, your purpose of travel and should be signed off by your company’s human resources manager.
    b. Birth Certificate or Other Documents Certifying Citizenship. As a supporting document to your identity and nationality, a birth certificate or a baptismal certificate can be presented.
    c. Itinerary. If you’re traveling for personal purposes, most probably you will be asked about the length of your travel, and whether you have a complete itinerary for your vacation. You can present the immigration officer a copy of your ticket and a planned itinerary – to support the fact that you’re traveling for leisure purposes.
    d. Government IDs. Postal IDs and other IDs that are given out by your country’s government are also considered as documents that can support your identity.
  2. Be Ready With Your Terminal Fee! Unlike other airports in the world, the terminal fee is collected for Clark Airport departures. The airport collects ₱150 for local flights and ₱600 for international flights. If you don’t have a local peso currency, don’t worry – there
    are money changers within the airport. Clark International Airport Terminal FeeThe Clark Airport terminal fee is used for the maintenance and operational cost of the airport. However, if you’re under Clark Airport arrivals, you won’t have to pay any fee anymore.
  3. Be Early For Your Flight. As a good practice, it is good to be early for your flight to be continuously updated if there are any changes regarding your flight times or schedule. These changes are usually announced within the airport or reflected in the TV screens –
    where all flight statuses are indicated. If you’re traveling through Clark Airport, you won’t have to worry as there are comfortable lounges and snacks within the airport.Delays in Clark Airport Flights
  4. Flight Delays Are Inevitable. Just like any other airport, flight delays are inevitable – this can be due to aircraft maintenance, weather disturbances or airport congestion or traffic. Being the secondary airport to support Luzon, there are some flights reverted to Clark in case there are problems in NAIA, which causes congestion and delays to other flights. Although this does not happen always, it’s best to keep this idea in mind so as not to affect your consequent plans when you arrive at your desired destination.

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