Top 4 Things To Do When Flights Are Diverted To Clark Airport

The current situation of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Philippines has led to the suspension of selected international flights and domestic flights in airports in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Clark International Airport remains to be an operational Luzon Airport. Some local airports have issued lockdowns and are therefore no longer accepting any commercial form of domestic transportation. The remaining Clark Airport flights are dedicated to returning Filipinos and their immediate family members from other countries, sweeper flights for foreign nationals and flights involved in the transportation of medical supplies and personnel. If you are traveling to the Philippines via a different local domestic airport whose province or city is already in lockdown, there is a high probability that your flight will be rerouted to Clark Airport. We’ve listed down the top things you should do when your flight is Diverted to Clark Airport.

  1. Secure Accommodation and Transportation. If you’re from a different part of Luzon and traveling to fetch or drive someone to the airport and the flight schedule is beyond the curfew of your hometown, make sure to ensure accommodation nearby the airport or to make arrangements with your local government to ensure passage. If you’re planning to travel via public transportation from a different part of Luzon, make sure that there is an available bus during the time of your travel or better yet, secure a private vehicle so you can travel flexibly and ensure that you can be in the airport on your desired time or by the time your passenger lands or departs.
  2. Allot Extra 1-2 Hours Of Travel To The Airport. There are checkpoints within Clark City and even from neighboring provinces. There are other people who are still traveling through those routes so it is expected that there will be a queue on these points so it’s better to add an extra hour or two when you’re trying to schedule your time of travel.
  3. Stay Updated With The Airport’s Guidelines. Clark Airport has implemented a guideline wherein only one person is allowed to fetch or drive a passenger to the airport. This is to minimize the crowd in the airport as well as to protect other employees in case some people are having symptoms of COVID-19. Additionally, the person designated to fetch or drive the passenger is required to bring a copy of the airline ticket with the flight schedule indicated. The flight schedule should be within 24 hours by the time you arrive at the airport.
  4. Allocate A Room In Your House For Quarantine. Lastly, since the passenger has been on a flight and landed through an international airport filled with many people, it is expected that he should go under a 14-day quarantine in an isolated room to ensure that there is no transmission of the virus if he is a carrier. Note that this is a precaution that should be exercised by people who are going to public places such as the airport.

The items listed above are all in accordance with the government’s direction to prevent the spread and transmission of COVID-19. If you have any more further concerns, it is better to contact the Clark Airport contact number at (045) 499-1464.

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