Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Clark International Airport Update Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

The pandemic brought about by Novel Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19) has caused many businesses – both government and commercial to halt all their operations. However, for establishments that are necessary for the society and government to continuously function – they have only minimized and limit the operations in accordance with the quarantine, lockdown and curfew schedule set by different local government units. Such establishments that continued minimal operations include grocery stores, pharmacies, and airports.

One of the establishments heavily affected is the Clark International Airport – being an international airport catering to many airlines and passengers, there was a need to cascade timely Clark Airport updates so the general public will be informed and to avoid unnecessary crowding in the airport premises.

Every now and then, a Clark Airport Advisory is released to let the public know about the status of flights and operations of the airport. Below are the frequently asked questions about the Clark International Airport latest news.

  • Is The Airport Still Operational?

Yes. The Airport is still operational but all commercial domestic flights are suspended. Cargo flights and flights used to transport medical supplies and basic necessities are allowed. Sweeper flights or flights chartered to bring foreign nationals to their home countries are also allowed.

For international flights, these are subject to various conditions and ultimately to the airlines’ decision to continue or to halt their operations. To know more about the conditions of flights departing and arriving via Clark Airport, check out the second question.

  • Which Commercial Flights Are Suspended?

For international flights:

  1. International Flights Departing Via Clark International Airport
  2. A list of suspended international flights is included in the Clark Airport Advisory which is posted on the airport’s official Facebook page (Clark International Airport) as part of it’s Clark International Airport news. Check the page constantly as a new list is uploaded as part of the Clark Airport update.
  3. International Flights Arriving Via Clark International Airport
  4. International flights whose airlines are still operating to the Philippine route will be allowed to arrive via Clark International Airport but only selected passengers will be allowed to pass through the gate. To know more about who is eligible to use Clark Airport as a destination, check out the following questions.

Domestic Flights: All domestic flights are suspended.

  • Who Are Allowed To Depart From Clark International Airport?

As of March 22, 2020, Filipino tourists who want to travel for leisure purposes will not be allowed to depart. However, for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and foreign nationals who wish to go back to their base country will be allowed to leave as long as the travel itinerary is provided and should be within 24 hours the scheduled travel. However, it is advised to get the status of your flight by calling your respective airlines as most airlines have their respective precautions against the crisis presented by the pandemic.

  • Who Are Allowed To Use Clark International Airport As Destination?

For commercial flights, Starting March 22, 2020, a temporary ban on foreigners will be implemented. Only overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), foreigners traveling with their Filipino spouse or immediate family and repatriating Filipinos will be allowed to pass through Clark International Airport.

  • Who Are Allowed To Go Within Airport Premises?

Passengers, personnel who are working within the airport and who are involved in transporting medical supplies or operations related to combating the COVID-19 outbreak are allowed. For passengers who are going to be fetched or driven, only 1 person is allowed to fetch or drive them from and to the airport. The person driving or fetching a passenger shall bring a copy of the airline ticket of the passenger he is meeting as proof.

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