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Passenger Service Charge Integration

Effective 01 April 2022, the Passenger Service Charge (PSC), or Terminal Fee shall be fully integrated into your airline ticket.
1. Tickets issued prior to 13 June 2022

• International – PhP 600.00
• Domestic – PhP 150.00
2. Tickets issued from 13 June 2022
• International – PhP 750.00
• Domestic – PhP 300.00
The Passenger Service Charge (PSC) should not be collected from the following passengers:
• Locally Recognized Exempted Passengers
1. Passenger Denied Entry
2. Overseas Filipino Workers
3. Athletes certified by the Philippine Sports Commission
4. Deportees
5. Passengers with valid Hajj Visa
6. Diplomats returning to work abroad
• Internally Recognized Exempted Passengers
1. Infant
2. Flight and Extra Crew

CRK will process PSC refund to exempted passengers within one (1) year from the date of their flight. Passenger may apply PSC refund at the CRK Terminal Fee Refund counter or may opt to apply online. Any refund request prior to July 1, 2022 will be redirected to their own air carrier. The concerned air carrier will process the refund by its refund policies.

Exempted passengers who will request for refund may follow the guidelines below:
Passenger Service Charge (PSC) Refund Process:
Passengers who will apply PSC refund at the CRK terminal fee refund counter may follow these steps:
1. Proceed to the terminal fee counter (Located at the international boarding gates after immigration)
2. Scan QR code or access the PSC online application form
3. Accomplish the electronic PSC Refund Declaration Form
4. Upload a photocopy of the following documents:

5. Sign the PSC Refund Acknowledgment Form.
6. Claim your cash refund.

B. Passengers who will opt to apply PSC refund online may follow these steps:
1. Go to the Clark International Airport website
2. Accomplish the electronic PSC Refund Declaration Form
3. Upload the following documents:

4. Once everything is complete, click submit.
5. The passenger will receive an email notification when the application has been submitted successfully.
6. The passenger will then be notified via email on the status of his/her refund application within twenty-four (24) hours. Should there be a problem with the documents uploaded by the passenger, he/she will receive an instruction to re-submit the correct documents.
7. The passenger will receive the PSC refund within seven (7) banking days from the date of refund application. The cash will be remitted to its designated bank account.

Passengers who will opt to submit their documents online may access this link or scan this QR code:
PSC Refund Online Application